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ALIEXPRESS 1382 ролика

New colors of old favorite leggings and some new favorite sets and tops from Aliexpress. Some Gymshark dupes and some scrunchy booty leggings, both seamless and non seamless. Scrunchy booty leggings (I wear size M, can also wear size small, true to size): Gymshark dupe camo cropped tops (I wear size M):Gymshark dupe powerdown sets (I wear size M, size up one size): Link full review camo sets and bra:Leggings: Bra: My measurements:Waist: 67cmTummy: 80cm (5 cm under belly button)Hips: 103cmChest: 93cmUnder chest: 68 cm (for bra size guide)I am 178cm (i think that is 5’10) tall--------------------------------------------------------Contact me: E-mail: Instagram: deniceandreeGeneral disclaimer for ALL my videos: Some of the links can be affiliate links. All opinions mentioned in the video is my own. If the video is sponsored it will be mentioned in the video. I will always do honest reviews on my channel and everything mentioned in my videos is my genuine thoughts on the specific item. What goes for sizing, squat-proofness (in leggings) support etc I will share my experience from the clothes. Be aware that this experience/thoughts can be different from person to person. Credd music in all my videos: intro: Ikson (https://soundcloud.com/ikson)End: Ehrling (https://soundcloud.com/ehrling)

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